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Branislav Notaros, PhD

Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Research activities of the Electromagnetics Laboratory at Colorado State University, ECE Department, are in Computational Electromagnetics, Higher Order Methods, RF/Antennas, Scattering, Remote Sensing of Snow/Rain, Weather Radar, MRI, Transformation Optics, and EM Education. Our current research activities span a very broad range of exciting and emerging topics in computational electromagnetics, modeling and numerical methods, antennas, scattering, passive microwave and optical devices, metamaterials, cyber-physical systems, uncertainty quantification, atmospheric/meteorological electromagnetics, radar meteorology, characterization of snow and rain, surface and radar precipitation measurements, image processing, RF/optical instrumentation development, bioelectromagnetics, RF design for magnetic resonance imaging at high and ultrahigh magnetic fields, and electromagnetics education.

Innovator Patents

WO2019071100A1: Slotted waveguide array rf coil for magnetic resonance systems.

US10473736B2, WO2016073603A1: Subject-loaded helical-antenna radio-frequency coil for magnetic resonance imaging.

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