Technology Transfer

NAI Chapter

Enhancing the visibility of CSU innovation, engaging in the transfer of technologies for the public benefit, and educating the next generation of innovators.

The National Academy of Inventors CSU Chapter is housed in the Office of the Provost. We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that supports our entire CSU community.

We have two chapters at CSU – one for faculty and one for students.  The student chapter manages all events and engagements, including mentorship and collaborations with the faculty chapter.


Examples of our partnerships include the Innosphere, the Colorado BioScience Association, CU Venture Partners, CO-LABS, and the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. At the national level, we engage with the National Academy of Inventors, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), industry, not-for-profit and foundation groups, federal funding programs, investment firms, Accelerator Programs, intellectual property legal firms, and university technology transfer offices.

Chapter Information

At the individual level, our members can be found throughout campus, meeting with community members to educate and engage, and hosting a variety of events to support innovation to commercialization efforts.  As an organization, we provide professional development opportunities through our networking events, host the State of Innovation Seminar Series, and help support Demo Day, CSU’s annual innovation symposium  Additionally, we collaborate with CSU groups, such as the Office for the Vice President for Research, the Graduate School, the Institute for Entrepreneurship, and the Energy Institute, to provide science communication workshops, guest lecturers, professional development opportunities.  We work closely with our technology transfer office to evaluate and nominate NAI Sr. Members and Fellows, and review nominees for their annual Innovative Excellence Award.

Our NAI Chapter offers a platform for members to engage and network with innovative student, faculty, and staff members across CSU and the NAI Global Academic Inventors Network (GAIN).  Becoming a member is free and offers a variety of benefits to both students and faculty.


  • Take part in student-led events featuring faculty, alumni, and members of industry
  • Showcase your passion for innovation and ability to take leadership roles by becoming a NAI chapter student officer
  • Learn about technology transfer, intellectual property, and economic prospects of technologies
  • Access to the GAIN program through the NAI and expand your network
  • Interact with a collective group of innovative faculty, staff, and researchers at CSU


Faculty, Staff, and Post-docs

  • Connect, communicate, and translate inventions and technologies with other NAI members
  • Become an NAI Inventor member or NAI Honorary member; additionally, be nominated for NAI Sr. Member or Fellow
  • Become a mentor in the Global Academic Inventors Network (GAIN)
  • Understand the nuances of university-owned intellectual property and the technology transfer process
  • Connect with the USPTO and intellectual property professionals

Student Members:  Graduate and undergraduate students of CSU.  Active student membership is open to all CSU students, with the right to vote and hold office. A student may also become an NAI Inventor or honorary member if those membership conditions are met.

Honorary Members:  Leaders within the community who have facilitated and nurtured innovation and economic development.

Inventor Members:  Any CSU-affiliated individual who holds at least one U.S. issued patent (verified through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)).

Student Officers:  Create, supervise, and advertise events and workshops hosted by the NAI chapter. Officer duties will be delegated to the student depending on the role (president, financial officer, events officer, etc.). Officers will meet on a regular, monthly basis.

Faculty Advisory Committee:  Facilitate an environment that encourages innovation within the community of inventors, researchers, and students at CSU. Participate in student-led events, and attend general meetings held once a semester to discus the state of the NAI chapter and establish goals.

All Others:  Attend events (workshops, guest lecturers, luncheons, etc.) hosted by the NAI chapter.  All members are encouraged to interact with others by communicating innovations, networking with other inventors, and discussing professional development opportunities.