mito-GCAMP Plasmid

Allows the Expression of GCAMP6f Inside Mitochondria of a Specific Pair of Neurons in the Genetic Model C .elegans.

At a Glance

Researchers at Colorado State University developed the mito-GCAMP reagent, which enables the measurement of calcium uptake in mitochondria of a single pair of neurons in live intact C. elegans animals.


Measuring this intake of an intact animal and nervous system allows research to ask what conditions like aging, inflammation neurodegeneration affects calcium intake in mitochondria, and how this changing factor impacts energy production and neuronal health.

mito-GCamp plasmids are used to measure the concentration of calcium ions and intake of calcium in vivo. Read more about and/or license mito-GCAMP via Addgene.


  • Together with the genetic manipulations and longitudinal observations possible in C. elegans, this imaging protocol is useful for answering questions regarding how Ca2+ ion handling regulates neuronal function and plasticity.


  • Expression of GCAMP6f inside mitochondria of a specific pair of neurons in the genetic model C. elegans.
Last Updated: June 2023
A diagram of the plasmid

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