Augmented Reality Training Guide to Fabrication Equipment and Facilities

Educating Individuals in a Manufacturing or Remote Setting

At a Glance

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed an augmented reality (AR) application for mobile phones using the Vuforia engine SDK and the Unity game engine. The application uses spatial markers (images) to place digital markers and highlights in the environment with the intention of guiding the user through the process of setting up and using fabrication equipment.

Current proof of concept was developed for training users within the Nancy Richardson Design Center at Colorado State.

The application has potential to be used for training/educating individuals in manufacturing settings, for asynchronous or remote education, for public outreach, and for ensuring that safety guidelines are followed.


  • Allows for remote and asynchronous training
  • Ability for repeated individual tailored education sessions
  • Reduces personnel costs
  • Incorporates real spatial aspects
  • Provides hands on training
  • Real time adjustments
  • Increased efficacy over other training forms
  • Ensures safety guidelines are followed


  • training/educating individuals in manufacturing settings
  • asynchronous or remote education
Last Updated: October 2021
Fabrication Equipment in a Facility

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