Advanced Pinto Bean Line Breeding Program

Advanced Lines and Germplasm Adapted to Western and High Plains Growing Environments of the US

At a Glance

Colorado State University in the Soil and Crop Sciences Department developed a Pinto Bean Breeding Program that includes 368 non-slow darkening and slow darkening pinto bean lines ( in the F3 to F6 generations).

Lines possess mostly Type II (upright) growth habit, are acceptable to excellent seed quality, resistance to bean common mosaic (bc-u and bc12 ) and bean common necrosis virus, and have high yield potential. Most lines also possess high quality, cream background color of pinto beans grown in Colorado. Levels of inbreeding range from F3 to F5 and can be used for selection of advanced lines to be used for release to dry bean breeding programs.


Advanced Slow-Darkening Pinto Breeding Lines:
Set includes 22 pure lines. It is estimated there are 2 to 4 lines that may be good enough to be released for commercial sale. These lines are available one at a time, or as the entire set.

Advanced Non Slow-Darkening Pinto Breeding Lines:
Set includes 81 pure lines. We also have some western grown clean seed of all or most of these lines, as well as field data from previous field trials. We can share this data with interest parties. These lines are available one at a time, or as the entire set.

2018 Field Observations and Breeding Nursery:
Untested breeding lines in the F3 to F6 generations.  There are about 600 to 800 total lines in this material, however we only planted a subset of about 320 in the 2018 nursery for observation this year.  These lines were developed for multiple disease resistance, upright architecture, and excellent seed quality.

This nursery is suitable for an active breeding program or new company with seed production and distribution facilities.  We are willing to share this material openly with public breeders for joint releases by their program.

We would like to find someone that is interested in the entire nursery as a block.


These lines offer dry bean breeders with advanced lines and germplasm to release as varieties with:

  • Increased yield with broad spectrum
  • Stable disease resistance
  • Upright growth habit adapted to the western USA and High Plains growing environment
  • Most have excellent seed color with a cream background color and light brown striping.


These breeding lines have potential to become high yielding pinto bean variety adapted to western USA and High Plains growing conditions.

Last Updated: August 2022

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