A Hygiene Wipe Capable of Detecting COVID-19 via Colorimetric Indication

At a Glance

​Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a “smart” hygiene wipe incorporated with nanofiber-based biosensors capable of in-situ detection of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, signaling the viral infection via a colorimetric change.

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Polydiacetylene (PDA) is an attractive molecule for use in chemosensors, due to its unique characteristic of undergoing a blue-to-red color change in response to targeted stimuli. Recently, PDA synthetic vesicles have demonstrated colorimetric detection of various biological contaminants, including influenza virus and E. coli in saline solutions. Development of a “smart” hygiene wipe could help decrease the spread of the current pandemic, as infected surfaces can be more readily identified.


  • Easy detection of contaminated surfaces by the novel coronavirus
Last Updated: October 2022

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