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Ken Reardon, PhD

Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

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I think about my research as applying the approaches of bioprocess engineering and systems biology in different mixes and different ways. Generally, my research has been in the direction of environmental biotechnology – cleaning up contaminated soil and water with plants, micro-organisms, and enzymes. Another area of my research is to use micro-organisms and algae to make fuels and chemicals from biomass. A third area has been making bioanalytical devices and biosensors.

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Innovator Patents

US20170009270A1: Enzymatic Biosensors With Enhanced Activity Retention For Detection Of Organic Compounds.

US9896712B2: Biosensing system with extended lifetime via cofactor recycling.

US20150232913A1: Biosensing systems and methods for assessing analyte concentrations.

US20170269001A9WO2013049831A3: Oxygenase-Based Biosensing Systems For Measurement Of Halogenated Alkene Concentrations.

US20140235501A1: Enzymatic Biosensing Systems.

WO2012071471A2: Biosensing systems for measurement of lactose.

WO2009126841A1: Enzymatic biosensors with enhanced activity retention for detection of organic compounds.

WO2003025627A2: Optical biosensor with enhanced activity retention for detection of halogenated organic compounds.

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