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Jean Peccoud, PhD

Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Today’s most pressing challenges are the result on an unsustainable reliance on synthetic chemistries. Synthetic biology will provide innovative paths to enduring health, food security, and sustainable energy. Traditional methods in biology are inadequate to face the magnitude and urgency of the solutions needed. These challenges call for a cultural revolution that leverages contributions from biology, engineering, manufacturing, and computer sciences to catalyze the emergence of creative solutions. The Peccoud lab specializes in data management, generating yeast mutants, high throughput phenotyping for model validation, rationally designing and synthesizing optimized vectors, and building large datasets conducive to modeling via high throughput genetics.

Innovator Patents

WO2019191083A1: Apparatuses, systems and methods for generating and tracking molecular digital signatures to ensure authenticity and integrity of synthetic DNA molecules.

WO2008121911A3: Software for design and verification of synthetic genetic constructs.*

US20050086035A1: Computer systems and methods for genotype to phenotype mapping using molecular network models.*

*Assignee other than CSU STRATA.

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