Plant Varieties Portfolio

Colorado State University conducts translational research to develop elite plant varieties. Special limitations due to high elevations, short growing seasons, and unpredictable rainfall impose unique demands on crop production in the major crop growing areas of Colorado and the surrounding regions.  Plant breeding is an essential tool to enable sustainable food production toward enhanced food security and improved environmental stewardship. Our breeding programs include wheat, potatoes, diverse specialty crops, oilseed crops, and ornamental plants.

Interdisciplinary research programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences and through the Agricultural Experiment Stations investigate optimal plant breeding approaches, cytogenetics, quantitative & population genetics, physiological & statistical genetics, disease & insect resistance, and improving the nutritional value of crops.

Research and development of specialty crops at CSU further empowers producers throughout Colorado by supplying them with science-based information to inspire innovation, competitiveness, and success. We collaborate with researchers across the nation to develop high performing cultivars to serve growers and consumers globally.

Available Varieties