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Lab to Life Venture Studio

What is the Lab to Life Venture Studio?

The L2L team brings CSU inventions from Lab to Life, acting as a hands-on incubator for top inventions from the University.  From handling legal to building websites, pitch decks and fueling sales, the L2L team acts as the executive management arm and team to accomplish the work required to launch and grow successful startups. In addition, the L2L team builds the strategy and operational capacity and move barriers to launch.

The Lab to Life Process:

CSU-affiliated inventor submits invention for L2L consideration.

Ideas are reviewed weekly and the L2L team reviews ideas weekly and selects 3-5 annually.

L2L team performs market research and due diligence to develop a launch strategy.

Team executes in partnership with inventors to build and fund a company, bringing impactful research to market.

Hands-on Approach

The L2L team immerses itself in the market to understand the industry’s need and how the inventor’s technology can meet it. The team collaborates closely with the inventors to deeply understand capabilities, design the right strategy, pitch funders, and sell to customers.

The Lab to Life Team

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR's)

Entrepreneurs with multiple past exits work as interim CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and mentors for the EITs.

Entrepreneurs in Training (EIT's)

Top Colorado State students are selected and mentored to assist in business planning and operations for the startups.

CSU-Affiliated Inventors

Inventors assist in business development and investment pitches while remaining focused on advancing their technology.

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