Virtual Reality Anesthesia Training Platform

Veterinary Medicine Anesthesia Training Interactive Platform

At a Glance

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a Virtual Reality Anesthesia training platform – currently in use with a pilot group here at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Virtual Reality (VR) is ideal for teaching and training in veterinary medicine.  Submerged in the realistic images and sounds of medical and surgical environments, simulated stressors allow students and professionals to practice and learn from their mistakes until diagnoses and treatments are mastered.

Traditional clinical-education models do not provide students the opportunity to practice all complications with supervised training – resulting in a number of preventable mortalities.  Participants of VR training can repeatedly (under safe but stressful circumstances) learn to make rational decisions and treatment plans applicable during real life emergencies.

Implementation of VR will not only decrease training costs and supplement continuing education opportunities, but also alleviate ethical concerns regarding the reduction of animals necessary for teaching.

Last Updated: February 2020