Pueblo Primrose Ornamental Pepper

At a Glance

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed Pueblo Primrose (CSU-253-12), an ornamental-type chile pepper that is between 12-16 inches in height and produces 1.5-inch diameter round peppers that turn from a cream color to yellow, orange, and red during maturation.


Pueblo Primrose originated from an open-pollinated ornamental pepper variety, Holiday Cheer (a 1979 AAS Flower Winner) and produces 1-inch round peppers that turn from cream, to yellow, to red when mature. Pueblo Primrose was derived from a single plant selection made in 2009.

From 2013 to 2020, the seed from selected uniform plants was bulked for testing at Colorado State University’s Arkansas Valley Research in Rocky Ford, Colorado. In 2020, Pueblo Primrose was trialed at the Colorado State Trial Flower Garden in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Pueblo Primrose is significantly taller in height and has a more open growth habit than Holiday Cheer. In addition, the fruit are significantly larger and more varied in color during the maturation process.


  • Significantly larger fruit
  • More varied color fruit during maturation process
  • Well adapted to Colorado’s environmental conditions
  • Unique growth habit


  • Ornamental bedding plant for home and public gardens
Last Updated: February 2021

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