Novel Antibacterial Surfaces

Biofilm Inhibiting Material for Use in Clinical Settings

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Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a composite material that combines the use of a water-stable metal organic framework (MOF) blended with chitosan films to create antibacterial surfaces. Cellular viability assays performed on the films exhibited a substantial reduction in bacterial attachment (85%) and was maintained for 24 hrs. These composite materials represent a new approach for a passive antibacterial surface that could ultimately be used to help address the issues facing biofilm formation in clinical settings.


The prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria poses a serious threat to human health, leading to increased and prolonged bacterial infections. While bacteria in the free-floating, planktonic state remain susceptible to traditional antibiotics, the vast majority of bacteria exist in the biofilm state, where many antimicrobial agents are less effective. The Gram-negative bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) is one particularly concerning bacterial strain due to its capacity to rapidly and efficiently form biofilms, as well as its inherent ability to develop resistance to antibiotics. The biofilm life cycle is considered to occur in five stages, with the first two steps consisting of reversible and irreversible attachment of planktonic bacteria onto a surface. Therefore, identifying a material with the inherent properties to ultimately repel or reduce the bacterial adhesion of harmful pathogens represents a promising direction for controlling biofilm formation.


  • 85% reduction in bacterial attachment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Impediment of biofilm formation
  • Film elicited inhibitory effect after multiple experimental rounds, suggesting reusability


  • Novel biomaterial to be utilized as a passive antibacterial surface in settings with prevalent bacterial infections
  • Biofilm inhibitor
Last Updated: November 2019
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