Nasal Immunotherapy Spray for Prevention of Viral Respiratory Tract Infections

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​Laporte Immunotherapeutics, a startup out of Colorado State University, has developed compositions designed to adhere to and rapidly activate immunity at mucosal surfaces and persisting at these locations to generate sustained local immune activation.  In doing so, this mucosal immune stimulatory composition generates non-specific protection from infection with pathogens including bacteria and viruses that infect the respiratory tract and other mucosal surfaces.

Experimental validation has been achieved against multiple pathogens in several animal models.  On this premise, the group is currently validating and testing this novel mucosal immune-stimulatory technology within intranasal/mucosal tissue to combat COVID-19 transmission/infection.

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​There is a growing need for new approaches for generating non-specific protection from viral and bacterial infections without having to resort to the use of antibiotics or other antimicrobial drugs, which serve to stimulate the development of antibiotic resistance. Currently, however there are few immunostimulatory compounds that are capable of eliciting rapid and sustained activation of innate immune responses at mucosal surfaces such as the nasopharynx, upper respiratory tract, GI tract, and reproductive tract to generate protection from infection.

There is an ongoing need for novel compositions and methods to enhance innate immune responses at mucosal surfaces for non-specific protection from viral or bacterial infections, as well as to increase the efficacy of existing vaccines.


Laporte Immunotherapeutics is an early stage Fort Collins based startup company focused on the development of a new generation of spray or gel-applied immunotherapy for non-specific prevention of viral or bacterial respiratory tract infections (nasal spray), or treatment of viral and neoplastic diseases of the eye (gel drops). The company is currently rapidly advancing the nasal spray immunotherapy technology to testing in vitro and in animal models of COVID-19 infection.

Laporte Immunotherapeutics is seeking partnerships with existing corporations, or early stage direct investments.

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  • Rapid, broad protection against both viral and bacterial pathogens following application to mucosal surfaces
  • Similar product has already been evaluated and shown safe and effective in animals with chronic nasal infections
  • Rapid induction (hours) of local protective immunity
  • Sustained immune activation (7+ days)
  • Ease of administration, storage, and delivery
  • Treatment does not disturb mucosal microbiome


Immunotherapy against chronic infections

Last Updated: October 2022

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