Industrial Hygiene Sampling Belt

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Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a new Sampling Belt (Figure 1) that allows the wearer the flexibility to obtain more than one sample at a time. Further the belt was designed such that sampling pouches may be interchanged, depending on which measurements are needed, and therefore the various sampling modalities can be customized to each individual wearer.

For example, the neoprene sampling belt may include three pouches for a high-flow industrial hygiene pump, a low flow pump, and a personal noise dosimeter.

This new sampling system allows for the user to create a customizable belt, all the while the various samplers are located behind the wearer, allowing for increased movement while wearing the system.


Industrial hygiene, also known as occupational hygiene, involves the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control and prevention of hazards from work activities that may result in injury, illness, or otherwise affect the well being of workers. Industrial hygiene is thus both preventative and occupational in nature, being that the focus is on preventing industrial disease, through risk management, exposure assessment, and industrial safety. An industrial hygienist may use one or more sampling devices, including meters, probes, analyzers, and the like, for testing workplace exposure and the surrounding community for hazards.


Conventional systems for deploying such sampling devices in a work environment may hinder work or otherwise be bothersome to workers while performing their work activities.  Furthermore, many systems limit the ability to obtain more than one sample at a time.  With nearly 8,000 industrial hygienists in the United State alone, there is a great need to such a product as this.


  • User-configured sampling belt – can hold multiple pumps (e.g., pump, noise dosimeter, etc.)
  • Significantly less bulky than current vest systems
  • Allows several samples to be taken simultaneously
  • Secures tightly to employee & allows placement of sampling pouches per employee needs


  • Industrial hygienists and researchers
  • Occupational health practitioners
  • Other workers/industries who record personal breathing air samples and noise exposure samples
  • OSHA
Last Updated: February 2021

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