Combustion Analysis Software Package for Internal Combustion Engines

At a Glance

  • LabView software package for use with National Instruments hardware
  • Measures and calculates a variety of engine properties in real time
  • Suitable for any internal combustion engine, regardless of fuel type
  • Significantly less expensive than state-of-the-art commercial programs


Researchers at the Colorado State University Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory have developed a complete software package for use with National Instruments’ Labview software. The package can be used with National Instruments hardware to measure conditions inside an engine cylinder.

The program can measure and compute pressure, combustion mass, heat released, and other properties in real time. The software is agnostic to fuel type. As such, it is suitable for analysis of hydrogen and other alternative fuels as well as convention gasoline, diesel, or natural gas engines.

This software is capable of drastically lowering costs for researchers and industry because it integrates with existing Labview hardware. It will allow researchers and those in industry to acquire data, monitor equipment, and process data seamlessly.


  • Significantly cheaper than state-of-the-art
  • Designed to work with existing Labview software and equipment
  • Suitable for analysis of hydrogen and other alternative fuels


  • Engine research
  • Industrial engines
Last Updated: May 2023

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