Agromechanic Support for Knowledge

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The ASK™ (Agromechanic Support for Knowledge) device is an educational tool for all audiences who want to learn about climate change and agriculture.

The mechanical ASK™ device demonstrates live agricultural processes to educate various audiences about soil moisture, soil saturation, evaporation, and crop suitable precipitation. The internal mechanism of the mechanical ASK™ device reacts to the addition of a pre-determined amount of water that subsequently triggers a mechanical artificial plant to rapidly “grow” into a fully developed plant.

Overall, this system can educate users of parametric insurance to demonstrate different forecasts associated with soil moisture and students at various levels on the effects of climate variability and how it impacts agriculture.


  • Can be used to educate rural agricultural communities dealing with climate variability and change.
  • Insurance companies can use ASK™ to interpret forecasting and the affectations produced by climate extremes.
  • ASK™ device is simple to use and provides interactive learning to various audiences


  • Climate Change Education
  • Agroclimatic knowledge
  • Parametric Insurance Model
  • Extension service agents training
  • Water management centers
  • Community outreach organizations (including utilities sections on cities)
  • Agrochemical companies
Last Updated: May 2021

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