AQUAM – A One-Stop Software Solution for Oil and Gas Water Management

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Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a comprehensive digital tools package for oilfield water management from scratch. This software has been designed to optimize operations, minimize costs associated with transportation, water treatment and management, and promote beneficial reuse of wastewater saving millions of dollars in costs for oil and gas operators.


Water is a critical resource and has growing scarcity in large parts of the United States and the world. It is estimated that more than 2 million gallons of water are required for operations of a single natural gas well. Produced water is probably the largest by-product associated with oil and gas exploration and production, and management of recovery, recycling, reuse, and disposal of such large quantities of water is a critical need. Understanding he produced fluid composition is critical for this management, but can be influenced by a variety of factors including location, extraction type, chemicals used, and well age. Several software solutions have been developed to assist with parts of the management process. Some exist to monitor water use in a well, some produce a chemical analysis of the produced fluids, and there are others for water resource management, including water quality and availability. But these solutions have not been combined into a comprehensive system.


This novel software called AQUAM integrates GIS applications for displaying water quantity and water quality data with a water use analyzer to assess use per well, and the OLI Systems Stream Analyzer to calculate and model the composition of produced fluids. These tools are designed to support the total life-cycle of water management in the oilfield – sourcing water, using it, treating, and reuse. A graphical user interface was developed and industry data from 84 active wells have been used to test and validate the tool. The special mapping of water quality helps in identifying the most optimal treatment required in different areas and AQUAM can be used to mix water qualities optimally from different locations before sending them to a treatment facility for an efficient treatment based on the use. AQUAM integrates different aspects of water management into a single software solution to simplify and address the handling of fluids in the oil and gas industry.


  • Integrates water quality mapping and chemical analysis of produced water
  • Tested against industry data and benchmark standards
  • Streamlines management and decision making for produced water


  • Oil and Gas water management
Last Updated: May 2024
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