Advanced Imaging Method for Source Localization

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Researchers at Colorado State University have developed a new imaging technology that detects and locates stationary sources emitting electromagnetic or acoustic waves using data from moving passive receivers. This innovative method improves upon traditional approaches, offering enhanced resolution and statistical robustness.


Previous efforts in source localization have primarily focused mainly on single-snapshot methods such as triangulation and ‘two-step’ methods, time-difference-of-arrival, and frequency-difference-of-arrival techniques, as well as maximum-likelihood approaches. These methods, while effective to some extent, often face limitations in resolution, statistical robustness, and the ability to handle complex scenarios with multiple sources. Additionally, existing approaches may rely on assumptions about signal properties or sensor configurations that limit their applicability in real-world settings.


This technology introduces a method for detecting and localizing stationary sources emitting unknown electromagnetic or acoustic waves using measurements from moving passive receivers. Unlike previous approaches, this method utilizes synthetic-aperture measurements and a detection-theoretic framework to form images of the source locations. The method offers improved resolution, as well as minimizing undesired artifacts that occur from multiple sources, so that the resulting image has negligible artifacts. These advancements offer improved accuracy, resolution, and robustness in source localization compared to traditional methods.


  • Improved resolution compared to existing methods.
  • Enhanced resolution, statistical robustness, and accuracy in source detection.
  • Optimal filtering techniques for noise reduction and artifact suppression.
  • Ability to handle scenarios with multiple emitting sources simultaneously.


  • Electronic Warfare
  • Spectrum sensing and allocation
Last Updated: May 2024
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