Technology Transfer Services

The technology transfer unit of CSU STRATA protects, manages, and licenses intellectual property for the Colorado State University System.  

Our goal is to accelerate the translation of cutting edge research into meaningful products and services that can enrich people’s lives locally, nationally and globally.  To achieve this, we engage in corporate partnerships and cultivate networks to support the thriving culture of innovation across the CSU System.

What innovations should be disclosed?

If in doubt, talk to us first. Generally, we want to hear about anything that anyone might want to use, including (but not limited to):

Sapien Cthulhu Shield technology


Whether you are at the idea stage or already have a patentable invention, a useful software program, or something else of value to someone outside the University, we can support you in a variety of ways, from filing a patent application to finding a licensee to identifying sources of research funding. 


Our Venture Creation team works with and supports CSU faculty, researchers, and staff ready to take their innovation from formation to market.  

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Licensing & Industry Partnerships

We are always seeking industry partners to develop and market CSU System innovations.  With over 700 active technologies and more than 60 startups spanning numerous commercial markets, we have a wealth of opportunity at our fingertips.