Welcome To Prospect Plaza

Resident Information and Forms

Thank you for leasing from us.  It is our goal to provide a safe and functioning place for you to live.  Please use the contact information below to get in touch with us, or stop by the office during normal business hours.

Emergencies/After Hours Phone: (970) 217-1194

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-Noon; 1-3 p.m.
Phone:  (970) 482-9513
Fax: (970) 407-9050

304 W Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Our Team

Headshot of Olga Van Rees.
Olga Van Rees, Apartment Manager
Headshot of Scott Winnegrad.
Scott Winnegrad, Assistant Apartment Manager
Headshot of Ryan Kim.
Ryan Kim, Maintenance Lead
Headshot of Luis Yengle Lopez.
Luis Yengle Lopez, Maintenance Assistant
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Joseph Anguiano, Maintenance Assistant


Please register your car as soon as you receive your apartment keys.  You do this by completing the car registration form and taking it to the CSU Parking Services office (a short walk from our office, conveniently located in the southwest corner of the Lake Street Garage).  Please note that you are required to renew your car registration annually.

No – we only accept personal checks or money orders.

Rent checks  may be turned in to the office, or left in the drop box located at the back entry of the Laundry Room.

Weekdays 8 am – 5 pm (standard office hours):
– Come to the office to sign out/borrow keys to get back into your apartment.   If no one is in the office, you should call the Emergency Phone (970-217-1194 or 970-999-2270) and our Maintenance Team will let you into your apartment.

Weekdays 5 pm – 11 pm OR Weekends 8 am – 11 pm:
– Call the Emergency Phone (970-217-1194 or 970-999-2270) and our Maintenance Team will let you into your apartment.  Please note – there is an $80.00 charge to your account for this after hours service.

All days 11 pm – 8 am (overnight):
You will need to call a locksmith and pay them directly.  Do not call the Emergency Phone as the Maintenance Team does not provide overnight lockout service.

Call the Emergency Phone (970-217-1194 or 970-999-2270) and our Maintenance Team will respond promptly.  Once you have called the Emergency Phone, please complete the online Maintenance Request Form.  

For future reference and your convenience, please BOOKMARK the Maintenance Request Form page.

Please complete the online Maintenance Request Form.  

For future reference and your convenience, please BOOKMARK the Maintenance Request Form page.

When you move in, you will be given a Move-In Inspection form.  Complete this form ASAP. Be sure complete and return NO LATER THAN 2 DAYS UPON MOVING IN.

This form is useful so that we understand pre-existing conditions upon your moving in, and you are not being charged for those conditions when you move out (it will SAVE YOU MONEY).

Approximately 3 months before your lease end date, we will distribute a Notice to Vacate and a Lease Renewal forms to you.

Complete the form that applies to your needs. If you want to secure your housing and want to renew your lease, submit that form ASAP. If you do not plan to renew your lease, return the Notice to Vacate form and include your forwarding mailing address.

Upon receiving either form, we will schedule a pre-move out inspection for approximately 2 weeks before your move-out date.  During this inspection, we will determine if your apartment is in satisfactory condition for our turnaround process so that the apartment is ready for the next tenant move-in.

You are responsible for rent until we receive ALL keys (from all roommates, as applicable).  Once all keys have been received, you will be considered MOVED OUT.

Yes, we will do an inspection of an apartment after all roomates are moved out (ALL keys have been turned in).

Take good care of your apartment and keep it clean during the year. If you wait till the end of your lease to do a big clean, this can prove to be challenging as you will be focusing on final exams, as well as moving, so a deeper clean will be more difficult. If you keep your apartment clean, we should only need to do a normal clean (lower cleaning rates, to include carpet cleaning charges).

We also may do an inspection a couple of weeks before you move out and will advise you on what needs to be done. If you choose to have the carpets cleaned professionally, you must provide us with that invoice to avoid having carpet cleaning charges applied against your deposit. 

Please contact the office if you would like to know what our cleaning rates are.  All cleaning charges will be assessed against your security deposit.

You must complete the Security Deposit Refund Information and Tenant Key Return Form, and return it to our office with your keys.  Once we have received this form and your keys, we will do a post-move out inspection of the apartment and being the process for processing your security deposit settlement statement.

The security deposit settlement statement will clearly indicate what cleaning and other charges have been assessed against your deposit.  These charges will be those required to get the apartment back to the condition that the apartment was in when you moved in (this is why the Move-In Inspection Form is useful for saving you money).

As indicated in the Lease Agreement, we have up to 60 days to send the security deposit settlement to you.  The security deposit settlement statement and any refund due to you will be sent to the FORWARDING ADDRESS you indicated on the Security Deposit Refund Information and Tenant Key Return Form.



 The GUEST parking lot is located to the east of our office.  This lot is patrolled Monday – Friday (9am – 3pm), and requires a guest parking pass during these times.

You are welcome to use that lot for your guests outside those hours without the need for a parking pass. If you have a guest who is staying during weekdays 9 am – 3 pm, please come to the office to arrange a guest permit tag for the period of their stay, up to 3 days.

If your guest is staying longer than 3 days, you will need to come in again on or after the 3rd day, to request an additional 3 days.

We do not issue permits for longer 7 days.  If a vehicle is parked in the Guest Parking lot without a permit issued by the Office, that vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The entire rent is required to be paid on time, regardless of the number of roomates responsible for the rent.  If any portion of the rent for your apartment is late, each tenant (you and your roommate(s)) will receive a late fee. 

Because tenants in a given apartment will be assessed the late fee, regardless of the specific individual who did not make their portion of the rent on-time, it is important that you and your roommate(s) discuss being certain that you can support each other appropriately by paying your entire rent on time.