CSU STRATA is excited to announce the launch of the Lab-to-Life (L2L) program, a unique way to spawn technology startups.

Check out the video to learn more about the program and hear from two CSU faculty about their experience in inagural cohort.

Both companies, Curable Composites, Inc. and XLSOR, Inc., were formed this month by the Lab-to-Life program, working alongside these brilliant CSU inventors to commercialize their innovative technologies.

Curable Composites, Inc.

Curable Composites, Inc. tackles advanced manufacturing while domesticating the supply chain with its novel carbon fiber 3D printing technologies.

XLSOR, Inc. tackles the global problem of food waste with its innovative fruit ripeness detection technology.

The L2L program was established at the start of 2022 to minimize risk and improve the outcomes of high-potential CSU startups. Uniquely, the program creates startups with its “CXO Team,” a composite of experienced executives paired with top business school students. The “CXOs:” (working as interim CEO, COO, CMO, CFO), transform intellectual property into operational businesses by doing the startup work, including corporate legal, market research, customer discovery, building websites, pitch decks and spearheading other business development activities. 

The L2L team is currently incubating its first cohort and doing diligence on several more. The technologies on deck include carbon sequestration, microbial gene sequencing, non-invasive colon screening, and others.

"As an additional benefit of the program, top CSU business students have the unique opportunity to create early-stage companies with coaching from Jim Poss and a group of experienced entrepreneurs, a truly hands-on approach to learning."
David Paterson
Assistant VP for Research, Translation and Commercialization, CSU

“We see this program as a critical part of CSU’s ecosystem, strengthening not only our commercialization efforts but our PhD-level research and undergraduate and graduate business programs,” Poss emphasized.    “These brilliant scientists need and want to spend their time on research rather than company-building. So, rather than creating another program to teach them entrepreneurship, we do the business-building for them. The strong interest in L2L is proof that this program provides the support that CSU inventors need.”

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Jim Poss