Our Team

Headshot of Richard Magid.

Richard Magid, PhD

Vice President of Technology Transfer
Richard joined CSU STRATA in 2022 from the University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF), where he served as a Vice President and Director of Technology Transfer for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) for the previous 12 years. Under Richard’s leadership, the technology transfer office at UTHSC doubled the volume of disclosures and deals executed and extensively used federal grants, state awards, and internal partnerships to support and build a robust startup culture. Additionally, he created the first and only biomedical entrepreneurship course for UTHSC graduate and professional students. Richard has a long association with technology and innovation, starting with his double major in Chemical Engineering and Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From there, Richard moved on to receive his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. During this postdoctoral research, Richard was introduced to the field of technology transfer through an internship at the Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Pennsylvania, which soon led to a position at UTRF.