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Walajabad Sampath, PhD

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Broadly, my research includes all aspects of CdTe thin film photovoltaics including basic physics to manufacturing technology. A major focus of my labs work is to investigate improved solar energy efficiency without substantially increasing manufacturing costs. The hope is that implementation of CdTe (Cadmium Telluride) solar electricity as a major source of energy throughout the world would not only give third-world nations access to affordable electricity, but address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Since 1991, my research group at the Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics, has been at the forefront of CdTe thin-film solar cell research.

Innovator Patents

US20190341506A1: Doping and passivation for high efficiency solar cells.

US8956698B2, US8778081B2: Process and hardware for deposition of complex thin-film alloys over large areas.

US20120006809A1: Sublimation crucible with embedded heater element.

US8302554B2US7803419B2: Apparatus and method for rapid cooling of large area substrates in vacuum.

JP2010141343AEP1160880B1JP4599503B2US6423565B1: Apparatus and processes for mass production of photovoltaic modules.*

US8557045B2: Apparatus and method for fabricating photovoltaic modules using heated pocket deposition in a vacuum.

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