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Thomas Hansen, PhD

Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

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Broadly, my current research focuses on bovine reproductive systems and associated diseases. My research can be broken up into two primary interests: 1) embryo-maternal signaling with intent to reduce early embryo mortality (i.e., miscarriage); and 2) negative consequences of maternal infection with virus during pregnancy to discover how viral infections impair the fetal immune system and development. Most of my work centers on interferon, a protein that signals pregnancy to a cow’s body and helps retain an embryo. My lab found that interferon triggers the creation of another protein, known as ISG15, a marker that could be central to identifying both pregnancy and viral infection.

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US10288625B2US9933437B2EP3060163B1WO2015061728A1: Early determination of pregnancy status in ruminants.

US8435731B2: Markers for viral infections and other inflammatory responses.

US8889845B2WO2007082259A3: Surrogate markers for viral infections and other inflammatory responses.*

US7842513B2NZ536229A: Pregnancy detection.*

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