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Susan M. Bailey, PhD

Professor, Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

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Part of why I innovate is for the pure joy of it. It’s very exciting to be developing something that’s brand new that nobody has used before and to see some of the applications people have discovered. There’s certainly personal accomplishment in it and joy in the doing.

This is how I have always thought about my research and how it developed into my own program. Developing an applicable technology was my background since working at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s been a real advantage for me. Not a lot of people think this way. It’s a different perspective and a different set of tools. It’s allowed us to think about the [problems with current technology and how to fix them]. It’s allowed us to widen our research scope. We have tested our technology in people, wild boar in Fukushima, a wolf from Chernobyl, different things in dogs.

The other part is that if you have something great that can help people, you have got to get it out there otherwise it doesn’t do any good. There really is a use for my technology, but we have to be able to get it out there where people can take advantage of it. Many people have discovered different uses and different possibilities for this technology that we never imagined! That’s pretty exciting and very rewarding that we did make a difference somewhere along the line. Maybe we helped somebody diagnose a case of infertility or autism that they couldn’t have done before.

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Innovator Patents

EP2079850A4: Detection of chromosomal inversions.

WO2014008425A1: High resolution detection of chromosomal abnormalities using non-repetitive nucleic acid probes.*

WO2002028380A2AU2001296746A1: Oral dosage forms for administration of the combination of tegafur, uracil, folinic acid, and irinotecan and method of using the same.

*Assignee other than the CSU STRATA.

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