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Steve Simske, PhD

Professor, Department of Systems Engineering

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Dr. Simske joined CSU in January 2018 after 23 years in industry at HP and HP Labs. He is the author of more than 400 publications and more than 170 US patents. He is an IS&T Fellow, and its current (2017-2019) President. Steve is the Steering Committee Chair for the ACM DocEng Symposium, which meets annually. Steve is an honorary professor at the University of Nottingham. Dr. Simske was a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Councils from 2010-2016, including Illicit Trade, Illicit Economy and the Future of Electronics.

He has directed world-wide teams in research on 3D printing, education, life sciences, sensing, authentication, packaging, analytics, imaging and manufacturing. His book “Meta-Algorithmics” (2013) and forthcoming book “Meta-Analytics” (2019) address intelligent systems, and Steve is particularly interested in using analytics and meta-analytics to better analyze distributed energy processes and systems.

Innovator Patents

US-2022404328-A1: Systems, methods, and devices for detecting harmful algal blooms

US-2022258416-A1: Build material particle fusing in a chamber containing vapor

US-2022307957-A1: Robotic arm nanoindenting for material validation, mass serialization, enhanced joining, and forensic identification

US-2022156510-A1: Signature authentications based on features

US-2021402696-A1: Printhead cleaning system

US-11688153-B2: Object ID-centered workflow

US-2021249821-A1: Variable distance sensor security devices and systems

US-2021183488-A1: Devices, systems and methods for intentional sensing of environmental conditions

US-2021177609-A1: Anchoring device

US-2020211145-A1: M-ary cyclic coding

US-10560117-B2: Groups of phase invariant codewords

US-2020117967-A9: Generating a regressive information object

WO-2019156667-A1: Shape memory composites

US-2021165678-A1: Language-specific downstream workflows

US-11210556-B2: Classification of records in a data set

US-11295681-B2: Display device

WO-2019143316-A1: Fluid classification

WO-2019088971-A1: Crime profiles

EP-3682354-A1: Authenticating object instances

US-2020387912-A1: Customized order fulfillment

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