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Raymond Goodrich, PhD

Director. Infectious Disease Research Center

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US20100080781A1: Preventing Transfusion Related Complications in a Recipient of a Blood Transfusion.*

US8759092B2: Preparation of vaccines using photosensitizer and light.*

US7901673B2: Induction of and maintenance of nucleic acid damage in pathogens using riboflavin and light.*

US5418130A: Method of inactivation of viral and bacterial blood contaminants.*

US5213814A: Lyophilized and reconstituted blood platelet compositions.*

US7498156B2: Use of visible light at wavelengths of 500 to 550 nm to reduce the number of pathogens in blood and blood components.*

EP1471940A2: Inactivation of west nile virus and plasmodium falciparum using alloxazine-derivating photosensitisers.*

WO2007067482A2: Method for treatment and storage of blood and blood products using endogenous alloxazines and acetate.*

AU2012233032B2: Methods and compositions for the production of high concentration alloxazine solutions.*

US5641637A: Method of preparing lyophilized and frozen cell standards.*

*Assignee other than CSU STRATA.

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