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John Volckens, PhD

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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“Research is an exercise in failure and an exercise in creative energy. Companies can only do so much research. Most companies want to take something that has been well de-risked. I love to de-risk things. They are [often] high risk ideas, and I think academia is the best place to de-risk things. We have the freedom to think freely, try new things, and try ideas that might seem dumb at the time, but which turn out to be great.

I study air pollution, everything from the tailpipe to the windpipe and beyond. I am interested in human exposures to those pollution emissions and the health effects of air pollution. I focus on fine particle air pollution (2.5 ppm) called soot.”

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US 9,618,439 B2: Thermophoretic Sampler.

US 9.482,620 B2: Portable Particle Spectrometer.

US 8,973,447 B2: Thermophoretic Sampler.

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