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George Seidel, Jr. (In Memoriam)

University Distinguished Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

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Dr. Seidel has spent his career at the forefront of bovine reproduction research, and even in retirement, continues to collaborate with other CSU researchers and test theories on his own herd of purebred and commercial Angus cattle. Dr. Seidel has numerous technology achievements across his exemplary career, including:

Founding the CSU Embryo Transfer Laboratory in 1973, one of the first commercial embryo-transfer laboratories in the world, building on the bovine semen collection services model created by Dr. Bill Pickett with the “Bull Farm”. By the early 1980s, the laboratory was recognized for developing a simple, reliable procedure for bisecting embryos to produce identical twins in a variety of species. Due to Dr. Seidel’s extensive work to simplify procedures, disseminate the use of the techniques, and train individuals in the methods, the laboratory’s commercial offerings were phased out as the training and dissemination program was so successful these procedures could be done on the farm by any trained individual.
Developing the processes for sex-sorting semen, a technology in common use today. This technology was the basis for the CSU Startup company XY Inc., founded in 1996 and acquired by STgenetics in 2007.
Developing and testing numerous synchronization and artificial insemination protocols for beef and dairy cattle.
Developing the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences, specialization in assisted reproductive technologies that provides expert IVF specialists for human and animal IVF clinics globally.

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