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Garret Miyake, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

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Our research interests are in the fields of catalysis, polymer chemistry, and materials science. A major focus of our research program is the design of photoredox catalysts for the application in organocatalyzed atom transfer radical polymerization (O-ATRP) and more recently small molecule synthesis. We are also interested in applications of self-assembled block copolymer nanostructures as photonic crystals.

Innovator Patents

US10081705B2: Periodic nanostructures from self assembled wedge-type block-copolymers.

US9575212B2: Chiral polymers for the self-assembly of photonic crystals.

US9382387B2: Rapid self-assembly of block copolymers to photonic crystals.

US9156921B2: Organocatalyzed photoredox mediated polymerization using visible light.

US20190345122A1: Methods for forming aryl carbon-nitrogen bonds using light and photoreactors useful for conducting such reactions.

US20180370911A1: Photocatalyst-free, light-induced carbon-sulfur cross-coupling methods.

US20180237550A1: Compositions and methods of promoting organic photocatalysis.

US20160356923A1: Photonic Structures from Self Assembly of Brush Block Copolymers and Polymer Blends.

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