Building strategic opportunities
that deliver success for the
campuses and constituents of the
Colorado State University System.

CSU STRATA is a private, not-for-profit corporation, legally separate from the Colorado State University (CSU) System. Founded in 1941, we support and serve the campuses and affiliates of the CSU System through strategic real estate management, project development services, special project oversight, intellectual property management and technology transfer services, as well as operational management of regional, state, national, and international assets.

Crabtree hall

Real Estate Services

Our dedicated and experienced real estate team provides strategic guidance, support, and management services for real estate and development activities for the Colorado State University System.

Innovations - Licensing - Startups

The Technology Transfer team is a resource for faculty, staff, and students invested in bringing their intellectual property and innovations to marketplace. We connect the CSU System community with industry leaders and world-class innovators.

Financing Services

Our financing services enable the campuses of the CSU System to acquire equipment and support departmental efforts that best achieve their unique missions.   With the appropriate administrative approvals, our services increase efficiency and expediency, creating the flexibility for each campus to respond to urgent needs.